Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Am I supposed to be taking other vitamin / mineral products with Bob’s products? - Taking all of his products together is a great way to help keep your body healthy with a proper diet. It is specifically formulated to keep your body naturally healthy. So no, it’s not necessary to take anything else unless recommended by a doctor.*
  • Can I take all my pills at once? - Many customers do, but we recommend it be taken as directed on the label and also with food, but there’s no harm in doing so if you insist.*
  • When do you have sale specials? - We usually have coupon specials around the major holidays throughout the year such as the 4th of July and New Years Day. We send out an email notifying our customers of a sale so make sure your email address is up to date!*
  • What are your store hours and when can I call to place an order? - Our operating hours are Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM CST. You can call anytime during these hours and we would love to help you!


Coral Calcium

  • What is Coral Calcium? – Coral Calcium is a natural mineral supplement that is harvested from the pristine waters from the ocean in the Okinawa Prefecture.*
  • What does Coral Calcium do? - Coral Calcium supplies your body with essential minerals and nutrients to support an alkaline body. It provides natural calcium and magnesium plus 74 trace minerals for your body to buffer the acid which is a byproduct of everyday living. The respiration of your body cells produces acid, your body uses minerals to counteract the acid and maintain a natural slightly alkaline balance.*
  • How is Coral Calcium harvested? - Our Coral Calcium is called SMP 44 or (Sango Mineral Powder 44) it is very special as it's composition is very similar to our own bones and comes from the Okinawa Prefecture which is the area of water around hundreds of islands that includes Okinawa. It is sucked up from the ocean floor, far away from any reef's, where the coral that has broken off from the reef has collected in pockets. This process does NOT in any way harm live coral or the reefs.*
  • What is the difference between Coral Calcium Supreme and Bob’s Best Coral Calcium? - Coral Calcium Supreme is our original formula, which is 1000mg daily value of Coral Calcium. Coral Supreme is recommended for anyone who just wants to take a daily vitamin supplement with no health issues. Bob’s Best Coral Calcium is our newest Coral Calcium formula, which is an amazing 2000mg daily value of Coral Calcium. It is double the dosage of Coral Calcium Supreme, recommended for anyone over the age of 45, also for anyone who has any type of health challenges that require additional nutrients.*
  • Is it possible to overdose on the Coral Calcium? - You would have to take a lot more than you could physically take in a day to overdose on Coral Calcium. Bob’s products are formulated so they are safe to take even at a very high amount.*
  • Which absorbs faster?The capsules or the tablets? - On our comparison tests for both the capsule form and the tablet form have shown that they both absorb at a similar rate. Both are equally effective and have the highest absorption rate of any Coral Calcium product!*

Vitamin D3

  • Is there a difference in your Vitamin D3 and the ones sold in stores? - The natural vitamin D3 we sell is the form of Vitamin D called Cholecalciferol. It is the type that your body produces when it is in the sun. The vitamins that stores sell can be made from synthetic elements, Vitamin D2 or ergocalciferol is actually less potent and has a shorter duration of action than its counterpart Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol.*
  • How much Vitamin D3 am I supposed to take? - Bob Barefoot recommends that we take up to 15,000 IU a day. If you were taking Bob’s Best Vitamin D3, you would meet that recommendation taking 3 small tablets a day, one with each meal.*
  • Why is Vitamin D measured in IU’s and not MG like other vitamins? - A lot of vitamins are measured by their weight but vitamins such as Vitamin D are measured by its ability to be absorbed. The IU is an International Unit and is usually used to measure fat soluble vitamins including Vitamin A, D and E.*

Other Product Questions

  • What is Oxy Supreme? - This product helps put more oxygen in your blood with natural ingredients. It also helps clean your blood by removing heavy elements such as lead and mercury. Taking this product along with the Coral Calcium and Vitamin D3 s a great preventative measure. Find out more: Bob's Best Oxy Supreme*
  • What is SolarCal-D? - This product is if you prefer just the basics of Coral Calcium and does not contain all the vitamins and minerals that Coral Supreme or Bob’s Best 2000 does. It has 4 main ingredients, Coral Calcium, Vitamin D3, Magnesium and Strontium which are needed to fully utilize and absorb the Coral Calcium. Find out more: Bob's Best SolarCal-D*
  • What is Bob’s Best Chlorella? - It is considered a Super Food. Chlorella is a freshwater algae that comes from Taiwan. It has a number of benefits from being a great source of protein and energy, detoxifying your body by removing toxic elements such as mercury and lead, relieving joint pain and much more. Find out more: Bob's Best Chlorella*


Shipping Questions

  • Can I get free shipping? - Orders over $100 can qualify for free shipping in the U.S. only. Sorry, no international orders qualify.
  • How soon will my order be shipped? - Usually your order is shipped the same day
  • What shipping methods do you use? - We use USPS First Class and Priority Mail, and UPS Shipping. International orders are processed through USPS.
  • Do you ship internationally? - Yes we do! We ship to a variety of countries including Canada, Australia and Japan. We ship orders via USPS.
  • Do you offer next day shipping? - Unfortunately we do not.
  • Do you offer 2nd day shipping? - Yes we do! Although we don’t recommend selecting this service after Thursday as UPS doesn’t run on weekends in which case USPS will be faster.
  • Do you email tracking numbers? - Yes if you have email address set up with us. If you would like a tracking number emailed, you can request it in the order notes.
  • Are there duty fees for international orders? - Some customers may have to pay a duty fee while others do not. It is something we unfortunately can’t control.  
  • Do you ship on weekends? - We do not, we are not open on weekends but you may place an order online anytime!
  • How are packages shipped to Canada? - We ship to Canada by USPS which then transfers to Canada Post after clearing customs.  We can only ship a maximum of 6 bottles to Canada at a time. We may have to break orders into multiple packages as well.

Return Questions

  • What is the length of your return policy? - Our return policy is 90 days from the order date.
  • What do I return for a refund? - We refund all unopened bottles in re-sellable condition and ONE opened bottle per product. We need all the bottles back to qualify for the full refund and we do not refund for more than one opened bottle per product.
  • Do you refund shipping? - No we do not, that is not considered part of the order.
  • Do I have to pay shipping to make a product return? - Yes, we do not provide return shipping unless it is an issue on our behalf.
  • How are refunds processed and when will I see my return money? - We will process the return as soon as we receive it and it may take up to 7-10 business days for it to reflect on your card statement. If it was paid by other means we will send out a check for the refund. 

*"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease." Results may vary from person to person