Bob Barefoot
Robert Barefoot is a chemist who graduated with Honors from the northern Alberta Institute of Technology majoring in chemical research. He has since published numerous research papers on analytical chemistry and mineral diagenesis. He also researched enhanced hydrocarbon extraction in the petroleum mining industry and metal extraction in the mining industry for which he obtained several international patents.
He was on the front cover of several oil and energy magazines which in 1982, brought him to the attention of a medical doctor who was looking for a top chemist to help him. Dr. Carl Reich, considered to be "The Father of Preventive Medicine" for his pioneer work with vitamins and minerals in the early 1950s, wanted to write a book explaining how vitamins and minerals prevent disease, but needed a top chemist to accomplish this. His autopsies of terminal cancer patients who died with no signs of cancer convinced Barefoot that Reich was right, so they spent the next ten years researching the explanation, culminating in the book, "The Calcium Factor".
Mr. Barefoot has continued to write numerous controversial books regarding the biological importance of vitamins and minerals in suppressing disease, and has appeared as a guest speaker at health conventions as well as radio and talk shows. In 2003, Mr. Barefoot did an infomercial with Kevin Trudeau that was the most popular infomercial in American television history.


Robert Barefoot gives a detailed technical defense to the concept that degenerative diseases, such as cancer heart disease and diabetes, is caused by mineral and vitamin deficiency. Scientific evidence provided by some of the world's most renowned scientists is tied together into one cohesive scientific argument that demonstrates the nutritional deficiency is not only the cause of degenerative disease but by correcting the deficiency, these diseases can both be prevented and reversed.

Mr. Barefoot's goal is to cure America, Black America first, as the Black community suffers from 2 to 3 times the rate of degenerative disease when compared to White America. Barefoot believes his goal can be accomplished in just a few years if you and your family join him in helping make his dream come true. 

Below is Some Feedback Regarding
Bob Barefoot and His Works....


“In my capacity as a health and environmental scientific researcher and reporter I have interviewed the most prestigious medical scientists, doctors, naturopaths and authors over the past ten years.  In my opinion, Mr. Barefoot is America’s foremost authority in chemical absorption in applied chemistry and has the most superb, unsurpassed comprehension of nutrition. I have recommended his books, 'The Calcium Factor' and 'Death By Diet' to thousands.” -- Basil Gold, Executive Producer/Host, Basil Gold Television Productions

“Robert Barefoot’s knowledge of calcium and it’s alkalizing properties has been hungrily received by 100’s of 1000’s of people throughout the world who are crying out to regain their lost health and vitality. He has championed the cause of well over 440,000 American women and children who have been exposed to the toxic effects of silicone implanted devices.  The name Barefoot has become a household word.  His work with hundreds of scientists and medical doctors, researching diet, has elevated him to one of the top speakers on nutrition in the nation  Through his books, 'The Calcium Factor' and 'Death By Diet' he has reached out to the common man in a language he can understand.” -- Jill M. Wood, President Idaho Breast Implant Information Group

"Mr. Barefoot is one of the Nation’s top Nutritional Therapists, a chemist, scientist in the fields of biochemistry, hydrocarbon extraction and metal extraction from ores, inventor and holder of numerous patents, public speaker, writer, and outstanding business entrepreneur, a man of great integrity, enthusiasm, determination, loyalty, and tireless energy, coupled with a great personality.” -- Howard W. Pollock, Congressman (Alaska) Retired, Past President Safari Club International, Ducks Unlimited, and The National Rifle Association

“I have been a practicing physician for the past 25 years.  I am a fellow of the American College of OB-GYN and a diplomat of the American Board of OB-GYN.  Mr. Barefoot has helped me immensely to understand the complex chemistry of how calcium and other minerals contribute to overall health and preventive medicine. I personally know of many individuals who are much healthier today because of Mr. Barefoot’s nutritional advice,  including myself. ” -- Wayne Weber M.D., Family Planning Associates Medical Group Inc.

“I am a heart surgeon at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, New York, one of the largest open-heart surgery centers in the United States.  I have had a special interest in nutrition over the past 30 years and have lectured on this subject throughout the United States, particularly its relationship to heart disease and other degenerative diseases.  It is in this capacity that I have come to know and respect Robert Barefoot.  He is an internationally known chemist with numerous international patents.  His use of biochemistry in the field of hydrocarbon extraction and the field of metal extraction of ores led him to pursue a different line of research over the past two decades, elucidating the intimate relationship between nutrition and disease.” -- Richard W. Pooley, Professor of Surgery, New York Medical College

“I am a physician, President and Executive Medical Director of Health Insight, S.B.S. and Health Advocate Inc., in the State of Michigan.  I have extensive credentials and honors that reach the White House and Heads of States in other countries.  Mr. Robert Barefoot is a remarkable gentleman and a scholar who works endlessly to complete his mission to cure America.  He has worked over the past 20 years with many medical doctors and scientists across the United States and in other countries doing Orthomolecular Research on various diseases.  The information has been culminated in two books, 'The Calcium Factor' and 'Death By Diet' which have been used technically as Bibles of Nutrition. Many people that I know have thanked Mr. Barefoot for both saving their lives and returning them to good health.  Mr. Barefoot is an amazing and extraordinary man who is on a ‘Great Mission’ for all mankind.  I thank God for Robert Barefoot.“ -- Liska M. Cooper, MD

“I have known Bob Barefoot for three years during which time he has provided my spouse with critical information.  As a result of this relationship, I was able to introduce dozens of people to Mr. Barefoot’s idea relative to critical illness and nutrition.  The results achieved have been remarkable.  It is my personal opinion that Mr. Barefoot is the absolute top of his field, nutritional therapy.” -- W. Grant Fairley, The Fairley Erker Group, Edmonton, Canada

“I am a chemist and have been involved in product development, specifically nutritional supplements. I have written numerous articles and lectured throughout the United States on these products and the benefits of utilizing alternative medicine and alternative medical products within the U.S. healthcare regimen. Over the past three years I have traveled and lectured with Mr. Barefoot on numerous occasions all over the United States. He is recognized as a world class expert on calcium and its nutritional benefits for the human body. Mr. Barefoot blends his prestige and uncanny ability to talk to the average person in a way that allows complicated scientific subjects to be completely understandable and accepted. I have seen Mr. Barefoot’s information help a lot of people.” -- Alex Nobles, Executive Vice President, Benchmark USA, Inc,. Salt Lake

“I have been associated with Mr. Barefoot since 1993.  His Nutrition therapy is the result of twenty years of research into non-invasive treatment of generic diseases. He lectures each week in cities across Canada and the United States to groups of 40 to 6000 people.  His audience often includes a good portion of doctors (M.D.’s and N.D.’s) who are vitally interested in preventing and treating generic diseases by means of non-intrusive technologies. In Canada we now have six M.D.’s practicing his protocols. I understand that numerous Russian M.D.’s in Moscow are also practicing his protocols.  This number will increase exponentially as the testimonial success of hundreds of afflicted people becomes known.  Mr. Barefoot’s biochemistry and science brings credence to his recommended dietary and lifestyle protocols.  He must be considered at the top of his field.” -- Peter Epp. P. Eng., President Albritco Development Corporation, Calgary, Canada

“I am the General manager of an audio cassette tape manufacturer. Previously, I was the Vice President of an engineering consulting company specializing in nuclear technology analysis under contract to the U.S. government. With a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, graduate school work at UCLA and over 10 years of research at McDonnell Douglas, my technical and scientific tools are extensive.  I currently specialize in the audio production of technical information specializing in nutrition and health.  It is in this regard that I have come to know the reputation and work of Robert Barefoot. Our company actively seeks men and women with scientific and medical backgrounds in order to develop substantive resource material for our client base. Robert Barefoot’s lectures, books and tapes support his position as a leading spokesperson for the benefits of nutrition for good health.” -- Al Vendetti, General Manager, Exxel Audio Productions, Oceanside, California

“I am the founder of a company that specializes in both mining and the export of health and nutritional products overseas. Mr. Barefoot has tremendous knowledge of biochemistry and his expertise in the field of calcium research has earned him recognition worldwide for both his lecturing and his research. He has authored several books which my company exports overseas as nutritional standards for people involved in the nutrition industry. He has also researched and developed calcium supplements, which are being exported to several countries abroad. His research of the relationship between disease and nutrition is gaining recognition worldwide and if properly implemented, could substantially reduce the devastating effects of degenerative diseases caused by mineral and vitamin deficiency.” -- Brett R. Davies, President, Davies International, Denver, Colorado

“I am well known in the area of nutrition. I am certified by the National Association of Health Care Professionals as a Health Care Councilor and have lectured extensively in the United States, Canada, Russia and the Ukraine.  I am considered one of the most knowledgeable people in the world, along with Mr. Barefoot, on the effects of calcium on health.” -- Robert G. Bremner, owner The Coral Connection, Mechanicsville, Virginia

“Mr. Barefoot is a man in pursuit of” Excellence”, in all his endeavors.  He has received wide recognition for his research in the biochemistry field, dealing with malnutrition. I have the distinct privilege and pleasure of having known Mr. Barefoot for several years.” -- Jerry R. Gallion, International Financier, Vaulx Milieu, France

“I am a retired university professor, Ph.D, known in the field of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, having written and lectured extensively over a forty year period, publishing numerous scientific articles. Based on Mr. Barefoot’s education, and background in chemistry and nutrition, along with his published books and lecturing, it is my professional opinion that Mr. Barefoot is near the top of his field.” -- Jerry Rollins, Ph.D, Austin, Texas

“I have known Mr. Barefoot for over two years and found him to be a person of absolute integrity.  Robert Barefoot is one of the most outstanding speakers on health I have ever heard. His Lectures in Mississippi and Alabama recently have been very important and productive insofar as helping people improve their health.” -- John A. Altman, President John A. Altman Research and Development Company

“Mr. Barefoot’s work and point of view are very legitimate in chemistry and practical medicine.  He uses extensive reviews of the literature and filters knowledge to logical useful form.” -- Dr. T.A. Abougoush, DDS Calgary, Canada