Coral Calcium Source Natural
Is all Coral Calcium the Same?

No, if you are looking for a coral calcium source natural - there are three different types of Coral Calcium products on the market today. They are:

Bleached Coral - Sometimes used in an inappropriate manner to "purify" fossilized coral. It may not contain a number of organic or bi-organic remnants that may enhance the bioactive role of coral and it can also alter the natural ionization of coral minerals.

Fossilized Coral - Washed up and collected on beaches it contains less than 1% magnesium. A host of other nutrients are washed out of this coral during weathering processes on the beach. Because of this lack of magnesium in fossilized coral, magnesium compounds are often added, resulting in a substantial dilution of the coral overall. Tea Bag Coral (from bleached or fossilized coral) provides users with only 2% of the marine nutrients.

Marine Coral - From sea beds, contains more magnesium and the perfect balance of calcium (24%) to magnesium (12%) content. This makes a 2:1 ratio which is ideal for intake in the human diet. Marine calcium results in the consumption of over 50 times as much mineral nutrients as the other types. This type of coral calcium source natural is the only type to achieve optimal results.  In addition Marine coral is richer in all other micronutrients.

Coral Calcium Supreme ™ & Bob's Best Coral Calcium 2000 mg ™ are produced with marine coral calcium source natural from sea beds off the shores of Okinawa, Japan. They have the perfect ratio of Calcium to Magnesium (2:1) and Calcium to Vitamin D (at least 400 I.U.). Note: Calcium can not be absorbed without Vitamin D (some coral calcium products on the market today have no Vitamin D).  Bob Barefoot's authentic products featured on our site are the only products to have the key ingredients: Aquamin™ and Cesium Chloride.